High Protein Salad with Chicken

This isn’t your grandma’s chicken salad. It’s not a side dish either. It’s a MEAL. The chicken and beans combo give this salad a boost of protein to keep your brain and body at peak performance without any lingering heaviness. It’s the light lunch you’ll crave that will leave you perfectly satisfied. Plus, you can change up the leaves, dressing, and veggies all week long to keep your high-protein chicken salad tickling your taste-buds. Let us know what you add to personalize your salad in the comments!

• 8 oz. spring mix lettuce
• Vegetables of your choice tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
• Canned Beans – kidney or garbanzo or black beans (no salt added or low sodium)
• Rotisserie chicken from store (pull off white meat and shred for salad)
• 1 oz. or less of Low-fat Feta cheese crumbles or other low-fat cheese
• Low fat, low sodium, low sugar salad dressing or lemon or olive oil and balsamic

• Rinse and tear lettuce to bite size pieces
• Add veggies of your choice and beans
• Top with a little low-fat feta cheese (or other low-fat cheese)
• Add shredded chicken (about 1/2 breast)
• Use a low cal, low sugar, low fat, low sodium salad dressing

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