Ultimate Workout Guide for Fitness Buffs!

Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS, Exercise Physiologist, Body Builder and Fitness Trainer recently released his new book, “SCULPTED: The Exercise Rx for Success.

SCULPTED is the ultimate workout guide for fitness buffs who want to train at a high level, safely and efficiently, for a lifetime. It is also great for personal trainers and exercise physiologists who want to train their clients at a higher level. The book is available for purchase on Roehn’s website, http://www.YouBelongStrong.com.

With more than 225 photos, Sculpted illustrates proper techniques for a series of exercises that form a comprehensive, sustainable fitness program.

“My exercise prescription is designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve peak performance and prevent injury,” Roehn explains. “This natural path to fitness and longevity will help you achieve – and maintain – your best physique at any age.”

Roehn drew upon the knowledge he has accumulated in 25+ years of specializing in cardiac rehabilitation, 10+ years of competitive body building and a lifetime of athletic experience to develop his exercise prescription for comprehensive health and fitness. The definitive workout plan in Sculpted is based on scientific principles, expert evaluation and skillful planning.

In this book, Roehn will show you how to:

· Plan and execute a workout that is tailored to your strengths, addresses your weaknesses and helps you achieve your personal goals

· Manipulate the FITT Variables (Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time) to achieve your present and future goals

· Reap the benefits or precision and proper technique

· Train safely and efficiently for a lifetime.

To purchase your ultimate workout guide or learn more, visit Our Book Release Page

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