Women’s Vision & Dream Building Workshop

On Saturday, April 2nd, women from all over the country gathered to participate in an empowering vision and dream building workshop. The event was hosted by five inspiring women who shared their own personal stories and wisdom about discovering and achieving one’s true vision for health, wealth, love and happiness.

At the women’s workshop, there were a variety of engaging presenters who offered unique and valuable insights. Janice Bussing led a vision workshop that encouraged participants to step into their authentic selves and design their dream lives. Meanwhile, Julie Space Roehn, Founder of You Belong Strong and Candleosophy, shared 5 key steps for building your best body through strength training, meal prep, mindful movement, meditation, positive affirmations and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Additionally, Darlene Lee Whitehurst spoke about her Goalfriends community and how it fosters empowerment and support among women. Finally, Maddy Marasciulo led a powerful meditation session while Arica Lee Peterson performed a soothing sound bath that helped to calm and reenergize the participants. Overall, each of these presenters brought something truly special to this women’s workshop, helping to make it an enriching experience for all those in attendance.

Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch together, receive a gift bag full of self-care goodies, and participate in a free prize draw. The workshop was truly an inspirational experience for all who attended!

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible: You Belong Strong, Candleosophy, GoalFriends, & Thrive Joyfully. We are so grateful to have such amazing women in our community!

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