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Are You Ready to (Finally) Start an Exercise Program that Fits into Your Busy Schedule?

Dear Friend,

The fabulously fit body that you’ve always wanted isn’t just a possibility.

It’s waiting for you… it’s right on the other side of making time and taking action.

And all you need is 28 minutes a day! Plus, you can do it all from the convenience of your home.


My 28 Minute Online program helps women of all ages get fit in just 28 Minutes a day.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced fitness buff – this program is for you!  It includes:

  • MONTHLY CALENDAR WITH DAILY 28 MINUTE VIDEOS featuring Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, Cardio Boost Sessions, Meal Planning, Future Body Visualization Videos, and more!
  • MEAL PLANNING VIDEOS and database with 100’s of recipes and powerful mindful eating tips
  • VIDEO VAULT of focused videos for arms, legs, abs, total body workouts, cardio boost and more!
  • EMAIL ALERTS FOR FREE LIVE ZOOM WORKOUTS – you’ll know when I’m going live to be able to join my Zoom community of like-minded women.
  • VIP PRICING FOR ONE-ON-ONE TRAININGS – you’ll get special pricing and have access to me for 1-to-1 virtual workouts plus mindful eating and mindset coaching.


I’m so committed to your success that I’ve made this package an absolute no-brainer!

Use coupon code START NOW at checkout and get your first month for just $9.97 a month and then just $19.97 a month thereafter.

OR – use coupon code VIP at checkout for $30 off an annual subscription.  So it’s only $99.97 for the ENTIRE YEAR!! That’s just about 28 cents a day!!

So wait no longer – you can cancel at any time – no questions asked.

Here's what is included in my easy to follow program!

Day-by-Day Workout Calendar

Daily videos and daily action steps so you will know exactly what workout to do each day.

Mindful Eating Support

My Mindful Eating page will give you hundreds of recipes, cooking videos and meal prep plans to help you get lean.

Fun & Engaging Workouts

From lifting weights, to bands, to bodyweight exercises, there are workouts for everyone to enjoy.

Transform Your Body

You’ll get strength training, bodyweight exercises, yoga and more – so you can transform your body – at any age!

Small Choices for HUGE Changes

Each day, I’ll provide you with quick tips, tools and ideas to help you make small choices for HUGE changes.

Fun Cardio Workouts

My “no jumping” Cardio Boost workouts are super fun and you’ll be surprised at how many calories you can burn! 

Access from Anywhere

Access my 28 Minute Workouts from your laptop, your PC, your smart phone, or iPad.

Mindset & Mindfulness

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts is just as important as feeding your body with healthy foods.

28 Minute Workouts Pricing

28 Minute Workouts can be done from the convenience of your home. I’m here to serve as your instructor, your helper, your mentor and your training companion. I’m committed to your success every step of the way!!

$19.97/month – cancel at anytime

Use Coupon Code STARTNOW and get your first month at $9.97 and then $19.97 a month thereafter. Cancel at anytime.  

$129.97/year billed annually

Use Coupon Code VIP at checkout for $30.00 off an annual subscription.  Subsequent years are billed annually at $129.97.  

Meet Your Trainer: Julie Space Roehn, CPT

Elite Fitness Trainer & Mindset Coach

Julie Space Roehn, CPT, is a master certified personal trainer who specializes in teaching women and men how to get in the absolute best shape of their lives. She is also an author and speaker.

  • Julie trained under Frank Zane, 3x Mr. Olympia, one of the greatest bodybuilders and fitness experts in the world for many years.
  • She has also trained under some of the greatest thought leaders of our time, including Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.
  • She is also certified in Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction (MBSR), the most scientifically tested and well-established mindfulness training program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD.
  • In 2019, Julie combined her expert fitness and mindfulness training with the experienced, scientific-based training that her husband. Lou, developed to form their “Mindful Fitness” program.
  • Julie and Lou’s “Mindful Fitness” program teaches participants how to harness the power of the mind, fitness intentions and muscles to achieve a peak physique – at any age!
  • Julie is also an advocate of mindfulness and meditation and launched a wellness candle line called candleosophy.com in 2019.
  • The Candleosophy line of candles features an array of aromatherapy candles formulated to inspire peace, balance, relaxation, tranquility, and energy. Each candle comes with a guide that shows you how to use the candles for a daily meditation practice – which can support you in relaxation and recovery from your workouts.
  • Julie also developed the Works Like A Charm Success System™, a charm bracelet and book that give women a creative and inspired way to focus on their goals.  This unique motivational system is truly the secret to exceptional personal success. workslikeacharmsuccesssystem.com

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