28 Minute Workouts

I’m Julie Space Roehn, CPT – Founder of YouBelongStrong.com and I want to help you get “SUMMER READY.”


I created my 28 Minute Workouts Online Training Program to provide a way for women 40+ to lose weight, get toned, and achieve their absolute best bodies – at any age – all from the comfort of their homes!
>>>MONTHLY TRAINING CALENDAR:  My easy-to-follow monthly calendar tells you exactly what workouts and/or activities to do each day including strength training, cardio, recovery, visualization exercises, meal prep, and more!
>>>28 MINUTE DAILY WORKOUT VIDEOS:  Each day you’ll get a new workout video that will walk you step-by-step through your workout.
>>>STRENGTH TRAINING, BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS, PILATES, YOGA, and MORE:  In addition to strength training, I’ll lead you through many other types of workouts to build muscle and sculpt your absolute best body! 
>>>PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATE LEVEL:  My program is perfect for both beginners and intermediate level workouts. Plus, there is no jumping! I’m 56 years old, so if I can do it, you can do it too!!
>>>GET YOUR CARDIO WORK IN:  You’ll also get access to my fun “cardio boost” videos, which will help you to get your aerobic work in when you don’t have the time to jump on your treadmill or go outside for a walk.
>>>***BONUS #1 – MINDFUL EATING TRAINING:   You get VIP access to my Mindful Eating Page filled with Cooking Videos, Eating Tips, and Healthy Recipes to help you eat healthier and lose the weight.
>>>***BONUS #2 – VIDEO VAULT ACCESS:  You also get access to my Video Vault filled with additional workout videos including no equipment workouts, ab/core workouts, upper body, lower body, meditations, and future body visualizations – and more!


NORMALLY $129.97 for an annual membership –   

Now just $99.97 with coupon code VIP  at checkout!

Also available at $19.97 for a month-to-month subscription.

I look forward to motivating you to your highest potential and helping you to achieve the body you deserve and desire!

Love and light,


Julie Space Roehn, CPT


My Program is Based on Eight Scientific Principles

My program is targeted for women 30+ and is based on 8 scientific principles that help to reverse aging and build muscle mass.

Quick Home Workouts

My 28 Minute Workouts make exercising from home easy and provide a higher chance you’ll stick to the program.

Mindful Eating Support

Our Mindful Eating page provides you with cooking videos and our recipes to support your weight loss goals.

Aerobics & Cardio

A strong heart equals healthy longevity. We give you a day-by-day and step-by-step plan to get your assets moving!

Flexibility & Balance

Gain movement efficiency, improve balance, and increase flexibility to help prevent falls and keep you moving.

Recovery & Meditation

We teach proper rest and relaxation techniques – plus, meditation for recovery between workouts.

Accountability & Focus

We hold you accountable for your workouts & encourage a strong focus on each rep & set.

Nutrition & Mindful Eating

We help you focus on mindful “clean” eating to fuel your body for your workouts and for maximum growth.

Mindset & Mindfulness

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts is just as important as feeding your body with healthy foods.

28 Minute Workouts Pricing

28 Minute Workouts can be done from the convenience of your home. I’m here to serve as your instructor, your helper, your mentor and your training companion. I’m committed to your success every step of the way!!

$19.97/month – cancel at anytime


Meet Our Trainer: Julie Roehn

Julie Space Roehn, CPT, is an elite certified personal trainer who has a passion for training women 40 and up. She is also a sought after speaker and author.

  • Julie took up strength training in her late 40’s and trained under Frank Zane, one of the greatest bodybuilders and fitness experts in the world and a 3x Mr Olympia, for over 4 years. As a result of strength training, Julie saw a massive change in her body – she lost weight, got toned and had more energy than ever before. Having found a passion for training, she left her Corporate VP job to pursue a career in health and fitness.
  • She has also trained under some of the greatest thought leaders of our time, including Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.
  • In 2019, Julie combined her expert fitness and mindset training with the science-based training developed by her husband, Lou, to form their “Mindful Fitness” program. 
  • Julie and Lou’s “Mindful Fitness” program teaches participants how to harness the power of the mind, create fitness intentions and muscle focus to achieve peak physique at any age
  • Julie is also an advocate of meditation and launched a candle line called candleosophy.com in 2019. The Candleosophy line, “meditation candles for your soul” features an array of lightly scented candles formulated to inspire peace, balance, relaxation, tranquility, and energy. Each candle comes with a guide that shows you how to use the candles for daily meditation practice, which can support you in relaxation and recovery from your workouts.
  • Julie also developed the Works Like A Charm Success System™, a charm bracelet and book that gives women a creative and inspired way to focus on their goals.  This unique motivational system is truly the secret to exceptional personal success. workslikeacharmsuccesssystem.com

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