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📣  Newsflash: You CAN Create the Body You Want WITHOUT going to the gym….Let me teach you how with my new online home workout plan!

My 2022 Virtual Workout Challenge Starts on Monday, JANUARY 10th…

  • You’ll get to workout with ME on my 28 Minute ZOOM LIVE Workouts
  • You’ll also get ZOOM Replays and Prerecorded 28 Minute Workouts
  • Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, Pilates and  more – no Jumping!
  • Private 1-to-1 Coaching
  • Private 1-to-1 Fitness Evaluation & Goal Session
  • Mindful Eating Training & Recipes
  • FREE Brand New Meal Prep Classes!
  • Do’s and Don’ts Shopping LIst
  • Fitness Journal & Measurements Tracker
  • How to Build Your Home Gym PDF
  • Get Access to this 8 Week program (including workout replays + video database) for 1 FULL YEAR!

Here's what is included in my easy to follow program!

Live Zoom Workouts

Three 28 Minute ZOOM workouts per week with bodyweight, strength training and stretching – no jumping! (Access Replays within 1 hour)

Mindful Eating& Meal Prep

My Mindful Eating page will give you tons of recipes, cooking videos to help you get lean. Plus, I’ll be hosting LIVE Zoom Meal Prep classes!

Fun & Engaging Workouts

From bodyweight exercises, to lifting weights, to resistance bands, my workouts are safe and effective for everyone to enjoy.

50+ Additional Workout Videos

You’ll get access to my 28 Minute Workouts VIDEO VAULT w/over 50+ exercise & visualization videos for 1 FULL YEAR!


I’m excited to teach you life-changing healthy habits in 8 weeks – and you get access to my program for an ENTIRE YEAR!  
Imagine your clothes fitting better, being full of energy and feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt before. 
I’m here to serve as your instructor, your helper, your mentor and your training companion. I’m committed to your success every step of the way – all from the comfort of your home!
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:
7:30 am EST | 6:30 am CST | 4:30 am PST
NOTE: All workouts will be posted for REPLAY immediately after they happen so you never miss a workout!!


There has never been a better time to make the investment in your health and well-being. You are going to learn and exercise and eating program in 8 Weeks that you can use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!
ONE PAYMENT OPTION:  Normally $1,297 — but right now, I am offering the entire program for just $922.
TWO PAYMENTS OPTION:  Normally $1,400– but right now, get the whole program for just $1000.  Your 1st payment of $500 will be billed immediately and the 2nd payment of $500 to be billed on February 10th, 2022.
QUESTIONS?  Email me at and let’s connect to discuss your 2022 Fitness Goals!

Meet Your Trainer: Julie Space Roehn, CPT

Elite Fitness Trainer & Mindset Coach

Julie Space Roehn is the CEO & Founder of You Belong Strong. She is a personal trainer, speaker and consultant who teaches individuals and organizations how to harness the power of their minds, their intentions, and their bodies to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Julie teaches you how to incorporate small lifestyle changes over time to lose weight, build muscle, get toned, have more energy and feel great!

After being a corporate VP in the healthcare and technology fields for over 20 years, Julie totally reinvented her life. She traded in her business suit for workout gear and dove in and studied the dynamics of human potential.  She personally trained under and was mentored by some of the top fitness and transformational leaders in the world. She became a certified personal trainer and also gained a certification in Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction (MBSR).

Julie took all of the unique perspectives gained from her life experience and partnered with her husband, Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS, an Exercise Physiologist, to develop their S.T.R.O.N.G. Mindful Success System™.  This scientific-based training program teaches people from all walks of life how to consistently integrate small “micro” habits into their daily lives to achieve macro changes in their health and wellness over time.

Julie lives in Newport Beach, California with her husband Lou where she operates the You Belong Strong training center, offering in-person and virtual one-on-one coaching, group trainings, and fitness retreats. She is also a regular on the corporate speaker circuit, providing her expertise and insight for corporate wellness programs across the country.

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