2-Day Fitness Retreat

Do you want to jump-start your fitness and learn how to sculpt your body? You Belong Strong 2-day Fitness Retreats are a perfect way to hit your “reset” button!  Get ready to refocus, rebuild, refuel and relax!
You Belong Strong offers you an amazing opportunity to learn a personalized fitness regimen that you can learn then take home and do for a lifetime.  After the retreat we can coach you virtually and/or in-person.

You’ll enjoy 2 days of fitness training including:

  • Exercise Prescription
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Cardio and Stretching
  • Meditation Training
  • Motivation & Mindset Training
Make fitness Your own!

Personalized Retreats

What are you looking for? Julie and Lou can make it happen. Together, we can jump-start your fitness routine for your employees, group, or family. Fitness goals have a greater chance of success when accomplished with a friend or partner. 

Our “You Belong Strong” Fitness Retreats are ideal for::

  • Corporate Groups
  •  Individuals
  • Couples
  • Groups of friends
  • Any man or woman who wants to learn how to get fit, lose weight and jump-start a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Don’t miss this chance to be trained by Elite Trainers –  Exercise Physiologist, Lou Roehn, and Certified Fitness Trainer, Julie Roehn (J.Ro.)

Fitness Experts

Clinical Exercise Physiologist & Certified Personal Trainer w/over 25+ years of experience

Private Training

We train one client at a time so you always get 100% of our attention

Total Fitness RX ™

Personalized Exercise Rx to address your specific goals and concerns

Great Location & Hours

We are conveniently located in Corona Del Mar and work around your busy schedule