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Julie Roehn, CPT and Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS are the co-founders of, a Newport Beach, CA boutique fitness center offering both private and virtual one-on-one training sessions.

We are a husband and wife team – both in our 50’s – who are committed to helping men and women of all ages, get fit and stay fit – for life!

We work with our clients to teach them how to successfully combine the powers of their mind and their muscles to achieve their most ambitious fitness goals.

Lou is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with over 25 years of experience and Julie has been a Master Personal Trainer for women for over 6 years.

Program Details

We will work with you to create a personalized program and guide you through one-on-one training to powerfully and intentionally build a stronger body. Each of our clients receive a thorough initial assessment by our Clinical Exercise Physiologist which includes:

  • A Functional Movement Screen
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Development of a Personalized Exercise Prescription
  • Detailed goal planning based on your individual needs
  • We offer strength training with our advanced equipment in our boutique fitness center.
  • We also offer training with various types of basic equipment: Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Body Weight.

Our Training Options:

  • Private outdoor sessions at our Corona Del Mar, CA Boutique Fitness Studio
  • Outdoor locations in Corona Del Mar (parks, beaches, etc.)
  • Virtual Workouts from your home with our Virtual Personal Training via Zoom option.

Our Mindful Fitness Program is Based on Seven Scientific Principles

Our program is based on 7 scientific principles that help to reverse aging and build muscle mass.

1. Strength training – helps prevent sarcopina/ muscle loss and osteoporosis

2. Aerobics and cardio – a healthy heart equals healthy longevity

3. Flexibility – leads to movement efficiency, which in turn helps prevent falls and keeps you enjoying the things you love

4. Recovery – the missing link in most peoples training programs deserves just as much attention as the actual training

5. Accountability – research proves that people who have accountability to their exercise program through a coach have a higher chance of success

6. Nutrition – fuels your body for your workouts and in It’s growth and recovery

7. Mindset and mindfulness – feeding your mind with positive thoughts is just as important as feeding your body with healthy foods

Meet Our Trainers: Julie & Lou Roehn

Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Julie Space Roehn, CPT
Certified Personal Trainer

Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS is a published author and speaker and holds advanced certifications:

      • The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
      • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
      • The American Heart Association (CPR & Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
      • Lou’s book SCULPTED: The Exercise RX for Success was released in late 2020.

Lou’s passion is to teach people over 50 the safest and most effective way to a sculpted physique.

Lou is also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in cardiac rehabilitation at a large hospital system in Southern CA. With over twenty years of experience, he is a leading expert in cardiac rehabilitation, wellness, and anti-aging.

During his career he has trained many collegiate and professional athletes.  Additionally, Lou has competed in several bodybuilding competitions across the country and he has placed as a finalist in many. A lifelong natural athlete, himself, Lou enjoys mentoring and training men over 50.

Lou has designed wellness programs and fitness retreats for large institutions.  He also works with other health and fitness experts on publishing projects and speaking endeavors.

Julie Space Roehn, CPT, is a Master certified personal trainer who specializes in training women over 50, women over 60 and women over 70.

  • Julie took up strength training in her late 40’s and saw a massive change in her body, she lost weight, got toned and had more energy than ever before.
  • She loved the results and left her corporate VP job to pursue a career in health and fitness.
  • Now in her mid-fifties, she wants to teach every woman in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond, the powerful benefits of strength training.
  • She loves to help women achieve their ultimate goals for their body and their physique.

Julie has trained under some of the greatest thought leaders of our time including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and others for the past 20 years. She believes in the power of the mind to achieve any goal you desire.

Julie is also an advocate for meditation and launched a candle line called in 2019.  Her candles are “meditation candles for your soul.” and each comes with a guide that shows you how to use candles for a daily meditation practice.

Program Pricing

Our fitness coaches can enable you to meet your wellness objectives. We’re here to serve as your instructor, your helper, your mentor and your companion. Either program below can be done in person or virtual.


($125 per session)


($115 per session)

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