The Works Like a Charm Success System™

My easy to use achievement system is truly the secret to exceptional personal success.  It weaves motivational strategy with functional jewelry to help you achieve your goals. Each and every day, this program will drive you to take steps which will lead to your success.

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  Your success kit comes complete with an instructional book and a 7″ charm bracelet adorned with six beautiful charms and two Swarovski crystal beads.

  Each charm represents a step in the goal attainment process and provides you with an easy way to keep your goals at the “front and center” of your life.

  The motivational book will walk you through actions including identifying your goal(s) and establishing a timeline for their achievement.

  Simply choose a goal you wish to achieve and get started. Some examples are: losing weight, eating healthier, developing a daily exercise ritual, developing more gratitude for your life, decluttering your household, ending toxic relationships or even taking time each day to have fun!

  Next, you will spend just 10 minutes per day using the charms on your bracelet to develop a daily discipline creating a chain reaction to your personal success and the amazing life you deserve. 

How it Works

The Works Like A Charm Success System™ is the perfect gift for graduates, brides, professionals, moms on the go, mommies to be, or any woman who is looking to achieve any goal in life.  My system will allow them to gain better momentum than ever before with a powerful daily system that is fashionable and fun!

Whether they want to launch a career, lose weight, achieve financial independence, become a mom, end a toxic relationship, or improve their life in some other area, The Works Like A Charm Success System™ will be their roadmap to success.

My motivational kit also makes an extraordinary gift for Graduations, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement, Weddings, Get Well Wishes, and other Special Days.  Your loved one will think of you every time they use their Works Like A Charm Success System™.

My Success System includes everything your special someone needs to develop a success ritual to achieve their goals.  It is the perfect gift to support them in attaining their goals in life and will treasure it for years to come. 



Thank you for designing a motivational tool that allowed me to continue to strive for my own personal and business goals in a matter of minutes a day! Throughout my life, I have always used motivational books and tapes to help me fulfill my goals. Now, as a full time working mom, married to a business owner, it has been difficult to find “me” time. I was finding it a challenge to focus on my own goals and dreams, until I put the Works Like A Charm Success System™ to practice. 

In a matter of a few days, I was thrilled to realize that I could balance my daily responsibilities while striving to reach my own dreams. I believe that you can achieve anything, but you need to have a support system and the bracelet became my motivator, my director and my cheerleader. I am now living the life that I dreamed of and working in a career that is my passion. 

Thank you for designing such a powerful system that is beautiful to wear too!

– Christine – Dallas, PA



For a long time I’ve been a believer in setting goals and deciding that I am the decision maker when it comes to my life. I’m a great fan of many of the popular motivational speakers out there today and have learned many strategies from going to seminars, reading books and listening to audio programs. The problem that I have had over and over again is that, although I know the route I need to take in order to reach the destination that I have in mind, I keep stepping off the path.

The Works Like a Charm Success System™ gives me the focus that I need to keep me on my path to fulfillment and happiness. It does this by more than being a super cute charm bracelet that I LOVE, but by being a constant reminder that I need to stay focused, that I need to practice my gratitude daily, that I need to take continuous action. Even when I’m not meditating on the steps, it’s still with me as a beautiful reminder that I am in control of this wonderful life I’ve blessed with.

– Joan – Mountaintop, PA