SCULPTED is the ultimate workout guide for fitness professionals and advanced athletes who want to train at a high level, safely and efficiently for a lifetime! Discover the Exercise Prescription for comprehensive health and fitness based on scientific principles, expert evaluation and skillful planning.

Your Exercise Prescription:

    • Discover how to plan and execute the optimal workout for you, based on testing and evaluation of your particular strengths, weaknesses and goals.
    • Learn how to manipulate the FITT variables (Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time) to achieve your present and future goals.
    • Reap the benefits of precision and proper technique by utilizing over 225 illustrative exercise photos.

SCULPTED gives you a definitive plan for lifelong workouts, teaching you “the natural way” to fitness and longevity. This Exercise Prescription can help you achieve peak performance and prevent injury. It will inspire you to achieve – and maintain – your best physique at any age!

Lou Roehn, MS, CSCS is an Exercise Physiologist and trainer with more than 35 years of athletic experience and 25 years of coaching experience. He has leveraged the information learned throughout his lifetime as an athlete, a fitness professional and bodybuilder to develop his training program. Lou believes that, with the right knowledge and a little hard work, anyone can achieve a great physique.

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SCULPTED: The Exercise Rx for Success

(2 customer reviews)


2 reviews for SCULPTED: The Exercise Rx for Success

  1. Josh Tanner

    I’ve been lifting weights since I first read “Pumping Iron” in 1979. I thought I knew everything about weightlifting until I purchased A copy of sculpted by Lou Roehn. It is the most comprehensive work out guide I have ever seen. It’s difficult to be inspired as someone over 50-years-old trying to stay fit, but sculpted makes working out fun again. I can share the same exercises with my Whole family as we all go at our own pace. The way the information on nutrition is broken down makes it very easy for those of us who have gotten off track. It reminded me of how important The right diet is for a healthy lifestyle at any age and body type.
    We have all seen amazing results.

  2. Karla

    I love this book! It gives so much information about diet and exercise along with explanations of why they work. It is the perfect book to go to whenever you need guidance on most anything related to fitness.

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